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Honda Odyssey EX (2005)

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Honda Odyssey EX - Front Angle, 2005, 1 of 35
Honda Odyssey EX - Front Angle, 2005, 2 of 35
Honda Odyssey EX - Rear Angle, 2005, 14 of 35
Honda Odyssey EX - Front Angle, 2005, 3 of 35
Honda Odyssey EX - Front Angle, 2005, 4 of 35
Honda Odyssey EX - Interior, 2005, 18 of 35
Honda Odyssey EX - Front Angle, 2005, 5 of 35
Honda Odyssey EX - Front Angle, 2005, 6 of 35
Honda Odyssey EX - Front Angle, 2005, 7 of 35
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Honda Odyssey EX

The North American market Odyssey was redesigned and released as a 2005 model. Production moved from Alliston, Ontario, Canada, to Lincoln, Alabama. It continued on the global light truck platform remaining different from the Japanese domestic market Odyssey. It retained the basic chassis with front strut suspension and multi-link rear suspension from the previous model and was only marginally larger, heavier and slower in acceleration. It continued with a 3.5 L V6 engine. EX-L and Touring models have i-VTEC with Variable Cylinder Management. The 2005 model added a lazy susan storage bin in the floor where the spare tire used to be in the previous model, eight passenger seating with limited availability, and a 60/40 fold flat seat (like the Toyota Sienna's). Pax run flat tires were introduced as standard on the higher priced Touring model and can run 125 miles when flat. But limited availability and high cost of repair and replacement for Pax tires raised questions about their overall value. Cost of a set of four Pax snow tires and wheels was $1600 in 2005. Replacement Pax tires cost between $200 for one tire alone and $600 for one tire and wheel. Honda and Michelin dealers do not always have the expensive equipment needed to install Pax tires on used Pax wheels and may try to sell the tire pre installed on a new Pax wheel. Initial prices were increased by added dealer markup. Prices for highly equipped models increased greatly over the 2nd generation vans. The 2006 Touring with Nav and entertainment may sell for over $40,000 out the door. By late 2006, increased supply in the minivan marketplace had lowered average selling prices. Issues include much lower than advertised gas mileage, wind noise at the windshield, road noise, a malfunctioning DVD system, exhaust drone at 2000 rpm, noises and malfunctions of the sliding doors, variable dealer service and added dealer markup. Increased competition from Asian and U.S. brands will increase choices in this market segment which has remained rather static in volume. Gas price-mileage issues and average selling prices may encourage buyers to seek vehicles that are less costly to buy and operate.

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