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Dodge Magnum RT (2005)

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Dodge Magnum RT - Front Angle, 2005, 1 of 21
Dodge Magnum RT - Front Angle, 2005, 2 of 21
Dodge Magnum RT - Front Angle, 2005, 3 of 21
Dodge Magnum RT - Front Angle, 2005, 4 of 21
Dodge Magnum RT - Front, 2005, 5 of 21
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Dodge Magnum RT

The Magnum name was revived in 2004 as a 2005 station wagon on the Chrysler LX platform. This is Dodge's first station wagon since the discontinuation of the Dodge Colt wagon in 1991, and though it can be considered the first full-size American station wagon produced since the discontinuation of the Chevrolet Caprice/Buick Roadmaster Estate wagons in 1996, it's not nearly as large, with interior dimensions much closer to those of the more recent Ford Taurus wagon.

The new Dodge Magnum is a station wagon version of the Chrysler 300, with minor cosmetic changes.

The new Magnum has four engine options, the SE features the 190 hp 2.7 L LH V6, the SXT has the 250 hp 3.5 L V6, and the RT has the new 5.7 L Hemi V8. The SRT-8 has a 425 hp 6.1 L Hemi engine.

The Magnum became available with all-wheel drive in 2005 on SXT and RT models. The AWD SXT and the RT use a Mercedes-Benz-derived 5-speed automatic transmission, while all other models use a four-speed automatic.

Like the Chrysler 300, the new Magnum has been a stunning success for the company, easily outselling its predecessor, the Dodge Intrepid. Dodge has announced plans for the Magnum to go on sale as a police variant to compete against the Ford Crown Victoria. Available only to law enforcement, emergency agencies, and government agencies, the vehicle will have the SXT's V6 as a base motor and the Hemi as an option, along with police-specific options such as a steering-column mounted shifter, deactivated interior rear windows and locks, and bulletproof glass between the first and second rows of seats and the cargo area. The Magnum is built in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

The Magnum was on Car and Driver's Ten Best list for 2005.

Dodge Magnum RT (2005)

2005 Dodge Magnum RT


For 2005, an SRT-8 version was produced. Like the 300C SRT-8, it features the new 6.1 L Hemi engine, which produces 425 hp (317 kW). 20" wheels, firmer suspension, bigger brakes, new lower-body treatment, and a revised front and rear-fascia completes the transformation. The SRT-8 debuted at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show. The SRT-8 was named "Best New Modern Muscle Car" in the 2006 Canadian Car of the Year contest.


In Europe, where the Dodge brand name has poor recognition, the Magnum is sold as the Chrysler 300 Touring. It is essentially the same car as the US-market Magnum, but with the Chrysler 300's front end.

In popular culture

The Dodge Magnum has been popular, perhaps because it evokes many different images to different people. Besides its practicality as a hauler or even a mom-mobile, some see in it a "bling" or "gangsta" theme. Others see it as cartoonish, like a new "Batmobile". There is also an historic sports and racing image with the reborn Hemi name and engine. With production styled "California Custom" chopped looks, there is an almost sinister Hot-Rod glare in the angled flat lines. The under-the-skin German Mercedes suspension and transmission engineering give another facet to the Magnum's multi-faceted appeal.

+ In the 2005 film The Island, the mercenary team led by Albert Laurent (Djimon Hounsou) drives Dodge Magnums.
+ The 2005 song Don't Cha by Pussycat Dolls features Busta Rhymes rapping about the Dodge Magnum on the third verse of the song.
+ The 2005 Music Video How We Do by The Game & 50 Cent features a sleeker Dodge Magnum.
+ The 2005 Spanish language program "El Cuerpo del Deseo" on Univision featured a Dodge Magnum.

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